Combat Jujitsu Instructors

All Combat JuJitsu instructors under the guidance of Jeff Evans work hard to create a friendly and structured class where students can learn in a safe environment. Each Instructor is CRB checked and have proven ability in the martial art of Combat Jujitsu. There is a syllabus for all students to follow and for instructors to teach. By becoming a member of this site each student will have the opportunity to view instructional videos of the syllabus and to put them into practice.

Students must be aware that the syllabus is not the "fight", they are a sequence of moves to show how the body reacts to locks / strikes and throws. Once students are proficient with the syllabus they can move onto "applications". Applications would be equivalent of the fight. Simulations of real situations they could come across and how each student would apply the moves they have learnt in the syllabus towards a successful conclusion. Each student can develop their own applications that suits their build and level of fitness.

Gradings are held every 6 months. This is the time for students to demonstrate what they have learnt of the syllabus and an opportunity to demonstrate to others the applications they have developed. A successful demonstration of student skills will allow the student to progress through the belt structure. 

Jeff Evans



Director of Studies, Club Secretary & Chief Instructor of Combat Jujitsu Wales

Sensei Jeff started training in 1990 under Kancho Ray Wonnacott 8th Dan Black belt. Jeff took his wife to a self-defence class that Kancho Ray was running. Kancho Ray was looking for males to simulate attacks during the class and Jeff was invited onto the mat. Ever since that evening Jeff has been hooked onto JuJitsu.

Jeff gained his 1st Dan Black belt in Combat Jujitsu way back in 1994 and progressed to his current position of Director of Studies & Chief Instructor of Combat Jujitsu Wales just prior to Kancho Wonnacott’s passing away.

Jeff had the great honour of training with Kancho Wonnacott who developed the fighting system for many years. The same style used and taught in classes today. The system being developed through 40 years of experience in military Special Forces, door work and in the security industry.

Sensei Jeff promotes Combat Ju-Jitsu and encourages all who practice to progress and work to their best ability. All students are actively encouraged to achieve personal lifestyle goals via our grading structure for Junior and Adult students.

Technical Director of Studies of Combat Jujitsu Wales

Sensei Keith started training Kyokushinkai Karate in the early 80's. He was awarded his first dan in 1988, 2nd Dan in 1992 and 3rd Dan in 2015. During his time studying Kyokushinkai he had the privilege of training under Howard Collins, Alwyn Heath, Gary Bufton and Steve Arnell. He fought in numerous local and national knockdown tournaments representing both Wales and Gt. Britain culminating in winning the 1993 European Knockdown Championships.

Club based Political problems saw him leave Kyokushinkai Karate with the death of Mas Oyama in 1994.

In 1999 he moved back to Cardiff and joined Kancho Ray Wonnacott's Combat JuJitsu and Cardiff's longest running Aikido club.  He was awarded his 1st Dan in Aikido in 2004 and his second dan in 2010. Sensei Keith still studies aikido and brings his knowledge to class.

In 2015 he was awarded his 3rd Dan in combat JuJitsu and progressed to his current position of Technical Director of Studies of Combat Jujitsu Wales after Kancho Wonnacott’s passing away.