Llanishen Combat Ju-Jitsu

Combat Ju-Jitsu Llanishen is a long-established class that provides a safe environment for younger students to build their confidence to the point where they will instinctively react and defend themselves when faced with a threat. Adult students benefit from having qualified and dedicated instructors to support them in developing their ju-jitsu skills. The aim for each class is for students to enjoy their learning.

The club has a syllabus that all students follow as they progress through the various levels to black belt. Students are invited to grade when their Sensei thinks they are ready - no student can grade without their instructors permission. In addition to syllabus work the instructors teach additional techniques and applications of those techniques to allow students to develop a greater level of understanding and ability.

If you want to join us then your first lesson is free.

We recommend that you wear shorts or loose jogging trousers and a t-shirt for your first few lessons. Older male students may consider a groin guard to be a worthwhile investment.

You will find us at llanishen leisure centre  CF14 5DX

Please refer to the map for the location of the LEISURE CENTRE 

For a prompt start, we encourage students to arrive 15 minutes before the class starts and students to bring a drink or fruit for a short break after a warm up. 

Session Schedule

Find Us

Address: llanishen leisure centre CF14 5DX Phone: Sensei James Turner : 07432 314309 Email: LlanishenClass@combatjujitsuwales.com