Black Belt

Black Belt

Black Belt [Shodan]

It goes without saying, this belt builds on the knowledge previously gained. As such, you will still be expected to competently demonstrate all red belt, yellow belt, orange belt, green belt, blue belt and brown techniques at the grading. This will be a very hard, physically challenging grading lasting upwards of three hours.

Prerequisites for starting your grading.

  • Valid first add qualification
  • A minimum of one year status as brown belt
  • Fifteen hours teaching (CJJ)
  • Invitation to grading for black belt in CJJ
  • Document what applications are to be demonstrated
  • Identify Fitness Level
Levels of fitness
  • Demonstrate documented fitness level
  • All Break falls
  • Bag and pad work

Grading Components                     

Grading Applications

  • Two Defences against a kick standing
  • Two Defences against a kick from floor
  • Two Defences against a stick
  • Two Defences against a knife
  • Two arm locks standing showing control and restraint
  • Two arm locks on the floor showing control and restraint
  • Two Ground hold Counters
  • Two throw counters
  • Two Applied Strangles
  • 100 Man Take down

Hand Moves

- One, Two, Three
- Four, Five, Six
- Seven, Eight, Night
- Ten
- Eleven (Multiple attacks of your choice)
- Twelve A, B, C